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Periodical: Quarterly, Open Access Journal
Aim and Scope

 The Journal of Future Game Technology is devoted to Future game technology and its applications. Our Journal publishes original research related computer games making significant contributions from a methodological, conceptual or mathematical point of view. Our Journal is expected to foster state-of-the-art research in the area of future games, computer graphics, human computer interaction, network technology, and multimedia security. This journal represents an interdisciplinary field with roots in 2D, 3D graphic processing, computer network, and multimedia security with applications in various computing environments including PC, console, mobile phone, smart TV, ubiquitous device, and other applications.

Journal Topics

Topics of interest include but not limited to:  

- Game based Learning/Game Programming in CS Education
- Game Artificial Intelligence
- Multimodal User Interface for Games
- Database management for a large scale of data 
- Client and Server programming technology for games
- Computer graphics
- Social network analysis for online games
- Data mining for user's behavioral analysis
- Information security for online games (as known as online game security)
- Interactive technique using GPUs/ GPU Computing
- Convergence between contents
- Mobile/New media contents
- Virtual reality/Virtual life/Virtual world
- Ubiquitous computing/cloud computing for games
- Game industry and key technology analysis from the business perspective
Journal Contents